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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Moms United to End the War on Drugs

Another perspective, this time from moms and family members of addicts and alcoholics, about drug reform policy and the War on Drugs.
Gretchen Bergman is the founder and Executive Director of A New Path, A non-profit advocacy organization of parents, concerned citizens, individuals in recovery, healthcare professionals and community leaders working together to educate the public, media and decision makers about the true nature of the disease of addiction, and to expand access to treatment services. We advocate to end discriminatory drug policies that serve as roadblocks to recovery.
She is also part of the national organization Moms United which she will talk about here on the show today.
Many of you have listened to the other shows representing this new perspective on the War on Drugs where Denise has interviewed people representing college students, law enforcement, judges, and the clergy. Please go to the archives page to listen to these past shows. Also see link: Freedom and Recovery Conference