Spirituality and Philosophy

Embrace Your Vision

Judy Redlich

Embrace Your Vision – The Only Way To Fail Is To Give Up

After his medical residency, Dr. Scott Morris moved to a city where he knew no one, to start building his dream health center. Despite hardships, his dream door opened! Yours can too!


Tune in for answers on the following questions:

How much does our work affect our total sense of well-being?

What role do laughter and fun play in total wellness?

Beginnings are always difficult. What counsel would you give to someone who has tried and failed repeatedly to “live better” and is overwhelmed with the prospects of trying again?

What are the seven elements that each of us needs to address for ultimate health?

We all would prefer our hopes and dreams to be realized quickly; instant healing and reward without effort. Why doesn’t it happen that way?

We round out the show with another adventure with the four-footed friend. This one includes a skunk!