Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Phase Changes in Hunting

The time between the close of deer and waterfowl seasons and the opening of turkey season is when sportsmen need to repair and store the gear they used during the Winter and get ready for turkey hunting and bowfishing. Hovey takes you through the process of cleaning and repairing some of his muzzleloading guns and provides details in a YouTube Video, “Cleaning a Kentucky Rifle”.

Unexpectedly, when he had rather be out hog hunting or attending a rattlesnake roundup in Claxton, Georgia, he is required to install stair and step railings on his 150-year-old house which resulted in two more videos, “Building a Pipe Stair Rail” and “Installing Vinyl Porch Railings.” To somewhat compensate for not attending the event, he describes the snake and non-snake related activities in this community with is most noted for its fruitcake.

Notwithstanding these distractions, he discusses the repair of two 4-hp. outboards needed for Spring bowfishing with Brian Burns of Burns Outboard Service in Rincon, Georgia. They focus on how to keep these small engines running in fresh and salt water along with cautions about ethanol-gasoline.

Using this free time to wind up some hanging projects, he also discusses the Kickstarter Launch of a new outdoor-friendly Christmas play, “A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus” which listeners can support. The cooking section is focused on taking advantage of the presence of fresh rutabagas to use both the roots and also the tops as greens which are a little milder tasting than turnip greens.

For photos and more information go to the author’s show blog.

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