Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Tami offers spirit guide sessions on Journey For Truth

This week is a different type of show! Have you been wondering what Tami does as a medium? Tami is the middle person between you and your guides during a session. Everyone has spirit guides. In a session, Tami listens and repeats what your guides say to you and about you. Your guides have information for you and about you that can assist you in your journey in life. Your guides purpose is to guide through life. They can do that in the dream state offering messages in your dreams. They can and do talk with you in the wake state and you may feel their assistance intuitively or you may hear them directly. They offer assistance when requested (as long as you are not asking for them to heal you or take care of you). On this episode, listen to three different people talk with their guides (or rather their guides talking with them). All three had never had a session with Tami prior to the recording of the sessions for the purpose of the show. You can view Tami’s website at: www.empowermentthroughhealing.org and her Facebook page!