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Stripped Down Kitchen – March Madness

The madness of March is upon us. Yes, it’s National Peanut Month (and some basketball is played also). In lieu of the honorary month, the Kitchen goes peanut crazy with our expert guest, Danielle Baker from Baker’s Southern Traditions in Roxobel, North Carolina. A state known for it’s peanuts and a little basketball. We put the peanut to use in Chef Geoff’s PB&J Scallops, Rocky’s Thai Chicken Endives, some peanut soup and a Chocolate covered banana with peanuts and sea salt to finish. Leave your allergies at the door and tune in…

Thai Chicken Endives

Belgian Endive – 2 stalks
Shallot – 1
Cilantro – 4 sprigs
Limes – 2
Goat cheese – 2-3 oz.
Ground Chicken – 1/2 lb.
Peanuts w Sea Salt – 1/4 cup
Chicken Broth – 1/2 cup

Step one:
* Mince shallot
* Chop peanuts
* Remove cilantro leaves from stems and coarsely chop.

Step two:
* Preheat olive oil in a medium pan.
* Add shallot and chicken and cook over medium heat for approx 10 minutes.
* Add equal parts of lime juice and chicken broth (approx. 3 TBS)
* Saute for a bit longer until chicken has turned white (approx. 3 mins).
* Remove from heat, leave ingredients in the pan to cool.

Step three:
* Spread endive leaves in a circular pattern around the plate.
* Add approximately 2 tablespoons of chicken to each leaf.
* Add crumbled goat cheese on top of each leaf.
* Sprinkle with chopped peanuts.
* Top with chopped cilantro and serve.