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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Growing Gold in a Microwave and Genome Healing

In this time of change, our concepts of what is possible must change too. In fact, as our concepts of what is possible changes then our times and our experiences will change. Adam’s two guests on this week’s show is a prime example of this principle.

The first half of the show is a continuation of Adam’s conversation with Dr. John V. Milewski, an internationally-recognized consultant in the field of Advanced Materials. He is a professional engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor and lecturer. A retired staff member of Los Alamos National Labs and previously, a scientific staff member at Exxon Research Center and at Thiokol Chemical Rocket Engine Division, Dr. Milewski earned a patent on a revolutionary new electric light bulb based on using a single crystal fiber as a filament.

Dr. Milewski explains the principles behind how to precipitate gold certain mineral deposits, such as hematite and magnetite, as well as from glass from common beer bottles (or any kind of glass). This was the subject of this talk at the 2011 Extraordinary Technology Conference.

Adam’s second guest by well of telephone from the Gold Coast, Australia, is Carol Roberts, originator of Genome Healing and the Genome Healing Workshop. Genome Healing is an example of an exciting wave of new approaches to self-repair, relying on intention, consciousness, and information, applied through very specific protocols.

There is even greater excitement because this conversation is a preview of, and prelude to the first Genome Healing Workshop to be held in the United States, June 11-18, in Phoenix, Arizona, sponsored by Adam’s Photonic Energy Center.

Our worldview of possibility is changing rapidly. What new possibilities do you want to embrace? If it’s greater health, wealth, and restored well-being, then this show is for you.

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