Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – ABCA 2012 Best-In-Show (Part 1)

The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) annual convention draws between 4-5 thousand college and high school coaches and over 300 vendors. I love attending for these reasons: 1. Three days of quality clinics 2. Opportunities to meet new people & catch-up with friends. 3. Experience what is new and refined in baseball products and services. Each year 10-12 vendors receive Best-In Show products and services honors. Selections are made by John Pinkman and Patrick Pinkman and Lou Pavlovich, Jr., Editor of Collegiate Baseball To make their selections, John, Patrick and Lou visit vendor’s booth, ask questions, assess the products and services. Since every ABCA member cannot make the convention and even those that who are there cannot visit all the booths, I thought I’d bring Best-In Show information to you in a two part series. This shows five Best-in-Show line-up are: 1. Dr. Tom Hanson, (Owner/Founder) Product: Play Big Books . An enjoyable and educational mental toughness story about teaching a young player how to Act Big, Breathe Big and Commit Big. 1-813-968-8863, 2. Sonny Cerneka (Owner/Founder) Product: Baseball Renewer and Dryer. Baseball cleaning and drying machines used by all major league teams and many college, HS and youth programs. 1-626-336-9586, 3. Brenton Sullivan (Owner/Founder) Product: Field Level Breakthrough digitized recruiting software for coaches seeking players, coaches seeking to place players& players themselves. Makes recruiting faster & more reliable at less cost. 1-888-816-8220, 4.Chaz Henry (Owner/Founder) Product: Power Chalk A no-software-required web based tool to analyze motion with video. 24/7, world-wide accessibility for player improvement. Uses interactive diagrams & split screen comparisons 1-919-469-0180, 5.Ron Imbriale (Sr. VP U.S. Sales) Product: Datfish Motion and Video software that provides remote coaching player and game analysis. Fast capabilities to tag/index key situations and teaching points from an entire videod game.,