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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Tastemakers

Tommy and Mary talk about some of their favorite Chocolate producers including New New Chocolate from Brooklyn, Ococ from LA and Vosges Chocolate from Chicago. In Bon Appetit, the March issues disusses the Tastemakers of 2012. Mary then talks about the great cheesemakers at Uplands Cheese in southwestern Wisconsin who makes great unpasteurized cheese. Tommy then talks about the esteemed Judy Chad from Capriole in the southern part of Indiana. Judy is simply regarded as one of the finest Goat Cheese producers in the world. The conversation then turns to great salami/salumi producers in the US. As always, we start with our friends at La Quercia, but focus on the great product from Fra Mani in California and Creminelli in Utah.

The second segment of the show turns to our Wine & Food Pairing. Tommy addresses the importance of wine importers to the American industry. One of the foremost of these importers is Robert Kacher or Bobby to those who know and love him. The first wine that Tommy and Mary taste is from Chateau du Tariquet Classic which is about $8 retail and comprised of Ugni Blanc (45%), Colombard (35%), Sauvignon Blanc (10%) and Gros Manseng (10%). The wine is light, crisp, refreshing and only shows 11% alcohol. The wine is a great aperitif, wonderful with shellfish or to be matched with goat cheese. The red wine is Mas de Guiot, a blend of Syrah (60%) and Grenache (40%). The wine is $8.99 and is a steal. It has a gentle tannic quality, drinks easily, and is a medium weight red. It shows subtle herbal qualities, and dark cherries and ripe berries. We love this wine with Red Tail Venison, lamb, steaks, burgers, an assortment of pastas, etc.