Health and Wellness

Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner welcomes special guest Dr. Susan Allison author of “Empowered Healer”. Dr. Allison is the author of several other books and has a doctorate in transpersonal psychology. She is an ordained licensed Interfaith Minister, a clinical hypnotherapist and practices energy medicine using Reiki and The Reconnection healing techniques Dr. Allison reminds us that for many people who have not paid attention to the honest voices inside us, we have caused a disconnection to our intuition which is an innate tool to guide us creatively through the many challenges of our physical world. This disconnection from Universal Energy or life force may have caused you to feel worn down or depressed, weakened and powerless, often leaving your immune system vulnerable and open to illness. Sheryl and Allison in their discussion of true healing on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually will offer ways to empower yourself to create and live life at a higher level of consciousness enabling us to find support systems that actually create and manifest wellness, joy harmony, and balance within ourselves, and also in regard to our interpersonal relationships. Dr. Allison offers a four part plan for achieving a state of homeostatis or wholeness. They include Part 1 Believe You Can Heal, Part 2 Receive The Power To Heal Part 3 Achieve Self-Healing Part 4 Perceive Greater Healing. For a natural state of health to exist and to create healthy relationships it is necessary to act from the heart and not from thoughts alone, as it is only in a state of forgiveness and the release of anger, repression and judgment that we can begin to appreciate life and feel a connection to our higher thoughts and life sustaining energies. As healers, Allison and Sheryl work to create an environment where each client feels safe and can assume responsibility to relearn what they intuitively knew as children a way to listen to the innate guidance system of their inner being. Healing from any physical or emotional event can only come from the inside out and can never be achieved through outside influences. Confidence and trust in our choices are the keys to healing and to enjoying a love for life, and to once again realize the simple pleasures afforded to all of us. The message from many leaders discussed In Dr. Allison’s book “Empowered Healer” such as Hank Wesselman PHd, Margaret Ruby, author of the DNA of Healing and how it relates to the true nature of healing, and Albert Villaldo, and Marianne Williamson and others suggest by knowing we are having both a physical and energetic life experience, we can learn to respect and honor the needs and goals of both aspects of our being which then leads us forward in our evolution and expansion. The reason for a physical life may be to simply remember who we are as souls connected to each other, and to a universal source where all life emanates from.