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Healing Through Creativity

Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – Your Evolution to Excellence!

Dov Baron, the Accidental Guru. In this week’s Healing Through Creativity, host Dr. Desiree Cox talks to the personal and professional leadership coach, bestselling author and radio host Dov Baron about transformation, creativity and wellbeing.
In June 1990 while free climbing, Dõv Baron fell about 120 feet, and landed on his face. The impact shattered most of the bone structure of his face, disintegrating some of his upper jaw and fracturing his lower jaw in four places. Around ten reconstructive surgeries later most people would never know what had happened. This event was, as you can imagine, life changing.

Before the fall, Dõv had spent years building a reputation as a dynamic speaker and teacher in the field of human development. It wasn’t until awhile after this event that Dõv began to see the beauty and elegance of what had happened: The return to his own CORE, what he calls his Soul-Center.
This week Dr Desiree Cox talks to the best selling author of ‘Don’t Read This…Unless You Want More Money!’ Dov is also the host and executive producer of the wildly popular radio show: “The Accidental Guru” broadcasting out of Seattle and globally via the internet. He has developed a system that takes people like you from success to fulfillment. His “Core Affluence System” gives his students the power to generate affluence and fulfillment. It gives you the competitive edge while nurturing your soul.
Dõv’s energy and passion are contagious. His style is direct, powerful, and humorous. Within moments you will feel a genuine connection with the man who walks his talk. He is a mind-mastery expert and the mental mechanic who will turbo-charge you for magnificent success in the area that matters most to you. He is an international speaker, facilitator, and author who has been sharing his knowledge around the world for the last twenty-five plus years. Dõv Baron is the president of Baron Mastery Institute and the found