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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Unconditional Forgiveness with Mary Hayes Grieco

Mary Hayes Grieco’s new book is Unconditional Forgiveness: A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything, which is based on her work as founder and director of Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training. Mary begins our conversation with a description of a recent forgiveness training she did for women in Kuwait. Her model for forgiveness includes eight “stages to freedom” which are spiritually based but very appropriate for people of all faith backgrounds and traditions. To Mary, forgiveness is a process for releasing an expectation that is causing us to suffer. it’s a private act that one does for oneself to release stuck energy. The benefits of forgiveness are for the forgiver but also ripple into the person’s relationships with others. She shares stories that demonstrate the effect of a person’s ability to forgive another. The eight steps are 1) Being willing to move forward, 2) Express and release emotional pain 3) Release expectations from your mind, 4) Restore your personal boundaries, 5) Open up to get your needs met in a different way. 6) Receive healing energy from the Universe; 7) Send unconditional love to the other person or situation and release them; 8) See the good in another person and discern what was learned from the experience. Mary discusses some of the steps and shares powerful stories about people who’ve forgiven others that have done them tremendous harm. Mary provides hope and inspiration for anyone who also may have experienced trauma in their own lives. For more information please visit