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Ripley Radio – Girls Turning into Gorillas & Tax Problems of the Rich and Famous

Since its beginning, the Girl to Gorilla illusion has been a hit on circus and carnival midways around the world. Using mirrors, it appears the beautiful girl is slowly turning into a big hairy ape and as she does, the mesmerized crowds stood there silently until something happens that sends them all screaming out of the tent! Sideshow historian James Taylor visits Ripley Radio this week and tells us the reason behind that mass exodus at practically every show.
As the tax deadlines approach in the US, we learn that many of the rich and famous owe incredible amounts of back taxes to the US Government. You’ll be amazed to find out what film star still owes nearly $150 million in back taxes!
Other Weird, Wild and Wonderful Discussed on Ripley Radio Oddcast this Week:
• Ripley’s own Solutionologist, Jodi Pliszka, reports on an unusual medical malady where a person will break out in hives if they get too cold!

• Baseball team owner and promoter Mike Veeck discusses some of the outrageous promotions he has created over the years, including “Nobody Night,” where he deliberately kept the crowds outside in the stadium parking lot while the teams played inside. He now holds the record for the lowest attendance ever at a professional baseball game – Zero.

• Return Intern Abby lists non-drinking uses for a popular soft drink cola, including cleaning coins and de-skunking a dog.

• Ripley archivist Edward Meyer talks about a few pieces of interesting artwork he has recently acquired, including portraits made from jigsaw puzzle pieces, spoons, and old cassette tapes.

• From the files of the Weekly Weird, Ralf shares news of death by couch surfing, a new sport called Taser-ball, and where you will find a Maine coon cat named Hank running for political office.

• AND, Carrie Underwood provides us with our song of the week – Good Girl.

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