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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Going Deeper into Genome Healing

Adam’s conversation with Carol Roberts, originator of Genome Healing and the Genome Healing Workshop continues. Genome Healing is accessible to every human being, and requires no medication or other traditional forms of treatment.

Genome Healing is an example of an exciting wave of new approaches to self-repair, relying on intention, consciousness, and information, applied through very specific protocols.

As Carol describes the amazing progress that one of her clients, a young woman who had a major stroke 3 years ago, has experienced, imagine how Genome Healing methods could work for you or loved one.

There is even greater excitement because this conversation is a preview of, and prelude to the first Genome Healing Workshop to be held in the United States, June 11-18, in Phoenix, Arizona, sponsored by Adam’s Photonic Energy Center.

Our worldview of possibility is changing rapidly. What new possibilities do you want to embrace? If it’s greater health, wealth, and restored well-being, then this show is for you.

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