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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Networking for Job Hunting Success

Networking requires a strategy. Navy Veteran Nathan Wagner states “Networking is not a known behavior; it is learned.” Join Nathan and me as we share with you the strategies needed to network offline and online. Networking is key for job hunting success in today’s competitive environment. I am a firm believer that networking strategies should be taught at your first duty station or MOS school. You need to complete your LinkedIn profile and start networking and gathering recommendations from those you work for or with. Employers are looking online at your LinkedIn profile and other profiles you may have on various platforms. Do not wait until you are ready to exit the military to complete your profile and begin networking.
I invite you to download my free ecourse Networking is NOT Fraternizing by visiting my Facebook fan page Coach for the Military. It is a great companion to this radio episode. This course will teach you the strategies needed to begin networking so you can maximize your relationships.
You will also want to visit and connect to begin networking with other Veterans. Don’t forget to connect with Nathan Wagner and me while you are there.