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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – 1855 vs 2012. America Then. America Now. A President Who lies When He Moves His Lips. On Energy, On The Budget, On the Supreme Court. What the Hell Happened to Us? We Happened to Us. Asleep at the Switch. Time to Wake Up

Mr Obama seems to think he can bully the Supreme Court, or that he can lie to us concerning legal precedents, the law, and the facts on Obamacare and the case pending in front of the nation’s highest court. But, it is more than that. He has unfurled the progressive/socialist flag he has kept hidden from view. The runaway spending, the lack of a budget, the purchase of votes using entitlements funded by your hard earned dollars (known as wealth redistribution and corruption), the double talk on energy policy (there is none, other than make prices rise–just as promised before he was elected), the hand wringing over business and the middle class as he socks them with higher taxes, more debt, higher fuel prices, inflation, and continuing, increasing regulatory terror by his EPA, is now so clear, that even his smooth, glib tongue can’t conceal it.

In 1855 we were an emerging power. Immigrants from across the earth came to America, enthused with the promise, the opportunity and the American spirit. That is what my novels are about. Self reliance, self determination, strength of conviction, passions and the land. The touchstones of the past–and hopefully the guideposts to a future far, far different than that which Obama and crew are now making clear that wish to force upon us–constitution, public will, and checks and balances between legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government be damned. It is time to get involved, folks. If the upcoming election goes badly, you may not have another chance.