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Ripley Radio – How to Eat Chocolate Bunnies & Tattoos That Vibrate

Ripley Radio’s tribute to Easter this week features Ripley-style advice on how one should eat a chocolate bunny and author Anne Perciado Rich visits to explain how bunnies and colored eggs became a part of the most important holiday in the Christian religion.
Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant or a loud rock concert and have been unable to hear your cell phone or even feel it vibrating? Now, our friends at Nokia are creating the technology that will cause a special tattoo on your body to vibrate when a call or email comes in.

Additional Weird, Unusual and Bizarre Items Discussed This Week:

• Marc Hartzman reports on the amazing Torres Family, now appearing on the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Eight of them climb onto motorcycles, drive into a 16-foot Globe of Steel, and then proceed to show incredible skill as they run circles around each other at speeds up to 65 miles an hour.

• Tim announces that Robert Ripley has been nominated for the Sideshow Hall of Fame at Coney Island USA in Brooklyn, NY. Voting takes place on Friday, April 13.

John Rucker was the first African-American man to wear an NBA uniform, but didn’t realize he held that distinction until he received a call one day from the New York Knicks, his former team – more than six decades later! Rucker, now being called a pioneer, explains to Ralf how all this happened.

• We learn that two Girl Scouts in Missouri are suing the state over the right to sell cookies.

• Angela reports on what may be the most elaborate Twilight-themed wedding ever held.

• Edward talks about the extensive artwork in the Ripley collection – made of candy!

• AND, we musically close out the show with Katy Perry’s new hit, Part of Me.

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