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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Diet Tips To End Depression, ADHD and Heal Troubled Relationships

Get diet tips to save relationships as Dr. Mary Ann Block and Cherie Calbom chat with Hadley Finch, founder of dating site where great singles find great love in the world’s first guided love quest.

Health challenges can ruin relationships. It’s easier to love deeply and passionately when you look and feel your best. Ready to take control of your health and happiness today?

First we’ll debunk a popular myth that can shorten your life. Then we’ll reveal how making simple changes in your daily diet can revitalize your health and remove stress from relationships.

Do you believe that your genes or your doctor control your health? This myth can be deadly if you believe it, so let’s consider healthier attitudes and action plans.

You may realize that depression, ADHD, relationship conflicts and serious illness can lead to breakups and divorce. You may not realize this: Just because you’re depressed, doesn’t mean you have depression. Just because your ADHD causes you to get bored with a lover, doesn’t mean you’re destined for failed relationships. Just because you come home from work and blow your temper, it doesn’t mean you’re mean or unlovable. Just because you receive a terminal diagnosis, it doesn’t mean you have to live up to it.

You’re about to discover which foods help you recover from chronic conditions that destroy your health and happiness as host, Hadley Finch, chats with two of the world’s leading experts:

First, meet Dr. Mary Ann Block, who has helped millions of people reverse depression, ADHD, and autism, as a health expert on national TV and as the author of 7 books including No More ADHD, No More Antibiotics, and Today I Will Not Die–the story of her mother’s recovery from terminal lung cancer using the remedies you discover today.

Then meet Cherie Calbom, who introduced the life-saving benefits of Juicing for Life to millions of people in her best-selling books. She’s also a nutrition coach to the stars and to everyone, who wants to look and feel like a star. Get fabulous healing recipes today.

In this life-changing episode, you also will:

* Learn how to use nutrition to over-ride your genes, even if programmed for cancer or chronic illness.
* Discover the legal source of many chronic conditions and safely detox it from your body
* Be amazed by stories of how eating certain foods and supplements has cured terminal illnesses, like lung cancer, healed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and ADHD

You’ll want to take notes as Hadley chats with her friends, Dr. Mary Ann Block and Cherie Calbom. As you learn to love the foods that love you back, you get all the health, happiness and love you deserve now.

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,