Money and Success

AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word

Dr. Debra Condren


One call from a headhunter can change your career and your life. Today’s guest expert,
talent scout and founder of Renaissance Search Partners LLC, Andrea Henderson, pulls
back the curtain on headhunters and executive recruiters, revealing what you need to
know to find and work well with them to achieve your most ambitious goals. You may
be between jobs and searching. Or in a company you can’t stand, working alongside people
who are burned out and miserable, but everyone says you should pretend you like your job
and be grateful you have a paycheck. You may feel like you have no right to look for
meaningful, challenging work in this economy and job market. Or maybe you’re a recent
college graduate, or just completed your advanced degree, trying hard to land your first real
job – you know, the one that uses the talents you trained and lands you working in the field
you spent all that time and money studying for. Whatever career situation you are in,
Andrea Henderson, also a Certified Internet Recruiter who has built a career in executive
search since graduating from Columbia Business School with an MBA, along with
an MA in International Affairs from Clark Atlanta University – answers your burning questions
about how to get noticed by talent scouts. What exactly is a headhunter anyway? What’s the
difference between an executive recruiter and a headhunter? How do you get yourself on the
right headhunter’s radar? What are the ins and outs of developing a professional relationship
with a great-fit headhunter? What are the do’s and don’ts of working with a talent scout? Tune
in for an exclusive look behind the curtain!