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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Resurrecting Resurrection and Inner Soul Technologies

A rap concert in Coachella, CA captured the attention and imagination of a world far beyond its musical boundaries, when Tupac Shakur, who died by gunfire in 1996, “appeared” and performed on stage with Snoop Dogg. While most of the world focuses on the holographic technologies that were used to create the effect, and other issues related to “dead” artists, Adam uses this event to discuss resurrection, which has been recorded throughout history, and is being reported in various parts of the world today.

The Centers of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov in Moscow have documented numerous resurrections since the early 1990’s. Grabovoi wrote a 200-plus page book on the subject, Resurrection and Eternal Life (not yet published in English). Petrov’s 1,600 page trilogy, “Creation of the Universe,” firmly attests that Man is immortal, that death is an idea that we have grown accustomed to believing, but has no underlying truth. Yet, the thought of a person who was “murdered” but returns “from the grave” is unsettling to many.

Adam considers why, and wonders whether this event stands as a mind opener for the general population.

In the second half of the show, Adam welcomes Rene Hamilton, Founder and Inventor of Inner Soul Technologies, whose products are powered by information, Sacred Geometry, and innovative use of energy. This conversation will conclude in next week’s show. You won’t want to miss it!

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