Spirituality and Philosophy

A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – “Rethinking Depression: How to Shed Mental Health Labels and Create Personal Meaning”

Join Sallie and Conway Felton as we learn:

1. The importance of debunking the idea that there is a “mental disorder called depression”

2. Differences and benefits of antidepressants and psychotherapy

3. Anxiety, depression or both…specific techniques that help

4. How to reprogram self-criticism and disappointment
Eric Maisel is America’s foremost creativity expert and the author of more than 35 books including Fearless Creating, The Van Gogh Blues, Coaching the Artist Within, The Creativity Book, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Creativity for Life, Deep Writing, Affirmations for Artists, Creative Recovery, Brainstorm, Sleep Thinking, Toxic Criticism, A Writer’s Paris and A Writer’s San Francisco.

Dr. Maisel provides workshops in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and other locations worldwide, presents at venues as diverse as the Paris Writers Workshop, the Savannah College of Arts and Crafts, and the American Conservatory Theater, and writes for Professional Artist Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.