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Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World

Murray W. Nabors Ph.D.

Achieving Your Dreams in Our Crazy World – Use Common Sense and Creativity to Encourage Ethical, Green, and Profitable Marketing!!

Join Shel Horowitz, a green marketing expert, book shepherd, writer, international speaker, consultant, community organizer, and frugalist. He is a genius at seeing and seizing opportunities, which other people have simply ignored or passed by. His eighth book, a category bestseller at Amazon, is Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet.

For more information on bringing hope and optimism into your life and on making your dreams into reality, take a look at the Shel’s website, and at my book, The Magical Dozen. How to Control Your Destiny and Create the Life You Want–In Good Times and Bad.