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Nancy Lonsdorf MD

Healthy Medicine Report – Are GMO Foods Safe for Your Health?

You may think you know it’s “just tofu,” but regardless of what the label says, you may be eating an “imposter.” What makes a soybean a soybean? And what does it mean for our health when what we eat is not in fact tofu, but a look-alike substance that’s genetically different in unpredictable ways — no longer the same soy that Nature created over millions of years of evolution? Allergies, infertility and weakened immunity from eating genetically altered foods may be just the “tip of the soy-burger” of serious health hazards humanity will face now and in the future if genetically-modified food ingredients continue to pervade our food supply.

Join us for practical, targeted information, guidelines and more from this eye-opening conversation with John Fagan, Ph.D., world-renowned molecular biologist, researcher on GMO food safety and leader in the quest of raising public awareness on this vital health issue. Get the facts and important “take-home” points to protect yourself and those you care about from the many known and yet-to-be discovered risks of consuming genetically modified “Franken-foods.”