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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Leadership: Accelerated Power, Influence and Profits in Business with guest Maria Gamb

Caught in that swirling conversation in your head that tells you that being a market leader or a center of influence means you can no longer march to the beat of your own drum? Stop! Being a leader is about changing others perception and showing them it’s possible.
Join me in the café for candid conversation with Maria Gamb, a global thought leader in the area of helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs reclaim their ability to lead, while also introducing and celebrating values, communication, collaboration and teamwork as part of the secret to success. As the author of the Amazon best selling book “Healing The Corporate World”, Maria reached best seller status within 12 hours of release and to date may be the only women to sit amongst legendary authors as Daniel Pink and Carmine Gallo in the business leadership category. Get ready for some deep and useful conversation to guide your career and business.