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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Power of a Positive Mindset with Edith Namm

This week’s guest is Edith Namm, a inspiring 86 year-old counselor, handwriting analyst, author and survivor of thyroid, breast, colon and liver cancer. We discuss the latest of her eight books, Change to a Positive Mindset and Extend Your Lifeline: A Journey to Miles of Smiles, Positive Energy Power, Hope, Health and Happiness.
An increasing body of evidence supports the concept that we think affects what we believe, what we believe affects our attitudes, our attitudes affect how we act and how we act influences our relationships with others. Our words have the power to generate both positive and negative energy concerning our beliefs, attitudes, and actions. Edith discusses some of the 11 ways to increase our “Positive Energy Power” (PEP) by focusing on positive thoughts and actions.

Host Mary Treacy O’Keefe was inspired and motivated by Edith’s amazing attitude towards life, which enabled her to discover many positive aspects of surviving her various cancer diagnoses. Despite healthy living, Edith overcame the genetics within her family, many of whom died from cancer. Using her expertise in handwriting analysis, Edith discovered how our handwriting can reveal many things about ourselves. Handwriting is ‘brain-writing’ whereby our brain retrieves information and express our emotions through every message we write in longhand. Thus, it can become a way to get in touch with inner feelings like anger, sadness, depression. By expressing both positive and negative feeling through handwriting, people can improve how they feel when they write about happy, healthy thoughts. For example, when you eliminate ‘No, Not, and Never” from messages and replace them with “yes, yes, yes!” you switch from negative to positive energy. It’s helpful to write a letter expressing why you are upset, to get those feelings “out of your system” then tear it up. It’s also important to express our appreciation for others and ourselves in written notes.

She also discusses the power of the foods we eat and to become aware of when negative emotions manifest themselves in poor food choices. Edith’s mission to help people become aware of the impact of their choices and the consequences of emotional stress.

At the end of the interview, Edith shares a ‘meant to be’ story about how her initial cancer diagnosis resulted in her retirement from counseling and propelled her interest in graphology. She is grateful for what’s she has learned about how writing positive messages can enable us to live longer and more fully.
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