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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – What Are You Going To Be When You Retire

A life of leisure after forty years of hard work seems a just reward. Is there ever too much leisure? Can you do nothing for the 20-30 years you will spend in retirement. If you are an active success oriented person, you will want to do something or contribute something of value in your retirement years. Yet many people are unclear on how to begin the process to start an encore career or launch the next phase of their life. Thomas Belanger author Teamwork in Ten Days shares how he approached redefining himself in retirement and how critical it is to be active. He offers a number of ideas on how to find your passion which in turn becomes a lifeline throughout retirement. Next, Phil Saylor author of Retire to Not From explains how the proper mindset helps you move gracefully from your lifelong work to the next phase of your life. New retirees are redefining retirement. It no longer is a period of pure leisure but one of leisure combined with a passion that helps you thrive.