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Building a Better Business

Charisse Witherspoon

Building a Better Business – Business-minded Eye Surgeon Says Retrain Your Brain First

As an airline passenger, you are instructed to secure your own oxygen mask before attempting to help anyone else. Similarly, Dr. Valencia Ray, M.D., also encourages you to use attention to yourself as a launching pad for more meaningful business and personal contributions. More specifically, Dr. Ray advises “retrain your brain.”
A successful eye surgeon, Dr. Ray sold her medical practice and now coaches and advises business owners and professionals on achieving clarity, avoiding overwhelm, reaching relevant goals and more. But she first transformed her own bottom line, while leaving a positive impact on her surrounding (internal and external) communities.
Listen as Dr. Ray relates to everyday concerns and explains to host Charisse Witherspoon that “stress is an inside job.” Dr. Ray shares information from her personal journey, including her “desperation” even after she had secured a spouse, a house and enough money to get anything she wanted.
Finally, compare her ideas on meaningfulness and clarity to your own thoughts and plans for business development and corporate citizenship. Then take a second look at your opportunities for a “whole life approach” that includes business opportunities to give back and help others while you enjoy life as a “human being” rather than simply a “human doing.”