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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side


Suddenly there is again discussion of a European meltdown–first raised right here last week. And, the previously taboo words, “lie” and “communist” and “intentional” have suddenly become part of the descriptions of Obama and entourage in print, ezines and on prime time big media radio/TV shows. Are the light bulbs finally blinking? But–being the extreme hard leftist he is, Obama is doubling down. Hear of the new “Atrocity Czar”, a certain Susan Powell? How about the new “Atrocity Board” she heads? Even those you would consider the leftist’s leftist call her extreme. And just wait til you hear who her Board and advisory Board is peopled with–folks by the name of Evans and Thakur. It is the communist, globalist, anti-capitalist, anti-America dream team. Listen to them in their own words. Chilling. And now they are in the White House–appointed just two weeks ago by “judge me by whom I associate with” Obama himself.

But the tentacles and covert connections are even more frightening. Hear of the “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine?” A favorite of Soros, and all these fine folks on the new Atrocity Board–many of whom served in high up positions in Soros organizations (imagine that) now embraced by the UN, and very possibly the prelude to armed intervention AGAINST Israel. Tough to believe? Yep. Real horror always is–but you will have no doubts when you hear what these folks want to accomplish in their very own words. And a short thank you to the readers of the Threads West, An American Saga 16 novel series for making, Book 2, Maps of Fate, a #1 best seller in a slew of categories within an hour of it’s national release April 17! The adventure and romance of America, her people, her spirit and the West. It is our story. It is time we remembered it!