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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – More Technologies from the Inner Soul

Join us for part II of Adam’s conversation with Rene Hamilton, founder and inventor of Inner Soul Technologies and developer of an entire line of products that are based on Sacred Geometry and information sciences.

Of particular note is the Quantum Manifestation Plate, which is based on principles of radionics, and earned a U.S. Patent for Thomas Galen Hieronymous in 1949.

First emerging in the early 1900’s, radionics devices have been used with particular success in medicine, agriculture, and pest abatement, among others. Yet, in spite of, or perhaps because of the clearly superior and documented results, at low cost, the approach garnered opposition rather than adoption.

Today, ancient and suppressed truths are once again seeing the light of day. Enjoy these Rene Hamilton’s insights from the Inner Soul.

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