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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – What Really Matters with Paul Batz

Paul Batz is seasoned coach, facilitator, business consultant and author of What Really Works: Blending the Seven F’s for a Life That Matters. The 7 Fs for a meaningful life are Family, Family, Friends and Fun Finances, Fitness and Future. Along with his co-author, Tim Schmidt, Paul doesn’t believe in concept of “work-life balance” which so many people struggle with. Rather, the team advocates ‘blending’ various important aspects of our lives, creating an interplay of the 7 Fs. After surveying thousands of individuals about their lives, Paul concludes that “our lives that are most satisfying are when we blend together many of the 7 Fs” in specific activities. He recommends having ‘articulate goals’ for doing this. His research shows that eople are most satisfied with family life and least satisfied with their fitness and finances. A sense of wellbeing is enhanced by gratefulness and when you are grateful for a good financial situation, satisfaction is highest. He shares some of the stories of people who have high satisfaction in the area of the 7 Fs to demonstrate techniques that help people One important tip is “What get scheduled, gets done.” He discusses the role of faith and grace on people’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. Paul also gives advice for fostering meaningful friendships and discusses the difference between male and female friendships. For more information, please visit and