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Building a Better Business

Charisse Witherspoon

Building a Better Business – Spellbinder’s Winning Mix of Magic, Inspiration and Education

Master illusionist Walter King, aka The Spellbinder, talks to host Charisse Witherspoon, about a formula that “never fails” for sharing his – and your– talent. The Spellbinder has performed with superstars including Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, The Temptations, and dozens of others. But he contributes to the building of superstar students in the library and in the classroom when he takes magic and illusions to a new level.

For students of all ages, The Spellbinder demonstrates and discusses the relationship that illusions have with creativity, art, reading, mathematics, and more. He also discusses another unique presentation: The Legacy of Black Magicians — sharing history from slavery in Africa, through the Harlem Renaissance, and to the present day.

The self-taught, award-winning performer eagerly advises people to give more than 100% and “give it from the inside” because “if it comes from the heart, it works.”