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The Problem with Women is Men!

Charles Orlando

The Problem with Women is Men! – The Reality of Marriage

When relationships first start, infatuation rules… and people end up thinking their mate is “perfect”, “flawless”, and “The One.” Then, marriage… and as time passes, the reality sets in… and the people we have pledged our life-long love too are seen for what we ALL are: imperfect. If you’re married, you’ve seen it all: the challenges with cohabitation, little things that piss us all off, working through problems and disconnects, keeping things fresh and vibrant. Join Charles as he welcomes internationally bestselling author Jenna McCarthy (If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon and four other books) for an incredibly real—and funny— interview on the realities of living and loving each other past the “I dos”.

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