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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Ominous Lines Are Converging. If, Or When They Intersect There Will Be Unpleasant Consequences.

Join Reid for an update on the meltdown in Europe still barely being covered by mainstream press. Listen to his thoughts on the second converging line–the real domestic economy. And listen to one of the more detailed descriptions you might’ve ever heard on a rarely discussed subject – the third line of convergence – the sword of Damocles – this viability of the US dollar and whether or not it will survive as the Reserve Currency of the world. If it does not, it will shake the economic foundations of America and their are forces at play–both domestic and international–that wish this disaster. The world is NOT our friend. Listen to the 10 reasons the collapse of the dollar and loss of its reserve currency status may well occur. Virtually all of them include politics and ideology at home, lack of fiscal constraint within our government, and three countries which hate our guts, Russia, China, and Iran.

The historic lineup of events, external and internal forces, weakness in direction and misdirection here at home may be about to collide. The first step to being prepared is to know and understand. And, a brief introduction to Ried’s new upcoming narrative nonfiction Land for Love and Money. Volume 1 releasing June 26! True stories, expert advice on land – farm, ranch, recreational, residential – large and small. Told from the ground up, by Reid based on his billion dollar plus career in real estate in numerous states, three countries and two continents.