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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Yvonne Perry author of twelve books including Whose Stuff Is This? This book is a much needed guide for understanding the uniqueness of people who have emphatic and intuitive abilities. Empaths or sometimes known as sensitives sense the feelings thoughts and intentions of others and discern information either from the aura or lower chakras or energy points of the body, while people with a strong intuitive nature receive information from the upper chakras. Intuitive information comes from connecting to higher forms of spiritual energetic forces. Both empaths and intuitive people are extremely influenced by subtle changes in people’s thoughts behaviors and changes in the environment. Yvonne Perry is a graduate of The American Institute of Holistic Theology with a B.S. degree in Metaphysics and is a speaker at many events on a wide variety of spiritual topics such as psychic gifts, empathy, ghosts, afterlife, and near death and other spiritually transforming experiences. She is also a freelance ghost writer and the owner of Writers In the Sky Creative Services and hosts a pod cast radio show entitled We Are One In

Many emphaths and intuitive people enter the helping fields such as teaching, health care as doctors, nurses, mental health care practitioners, elder care workers, and other service areas.

Children who exhibit sensitivities to light, noise, smells, large crowds and who seem to know things through hunches, hearing or sensing whole thoughts or visualizing mental pictures whether in dreams or awake are often labeled very sensitive. When parents, teachers and medical people do not have a clear sense of the highly developed central nervous system of these children, they may be labeled with sensory issues, ADD, ADHD and may be given medicine or treatment that often is not in the best interest of the child or adult. Alternative healers such as energy healers, breath trainers, hypnotherapists and Chinese Medicine practitioners that work with the mind body connection can help in assisting the child or adult to develop techniques to create well- defined boundaries to limit an overload of stimuli. Excessive stimulus from negative people or places can create unpleasant physical sensations in the body such as pressure on the heart headache or heaviness in the legs. People may sometimes consider these sensitive people to be hypochondriacs as they are often unaware they are expressing other people’s pain.

Dr. Caron Goode author of” Raising Intuitive Children” notes that empathy exists even before birth and a baby is sensitive to the mothers feeling and is responsive to anger, tension, and depression as well as caring attention and love.

It has been noted that as many as one in four children being born today have these intuitive abilities. That is 25% of the population.

Yvonne Perry and Sheryl Glick suggest that we begin to observe honor and grow our innate state of empathy and intuition for a better understanding of ourselves and others.