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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – Highly qualified teachers of color as educators, role models, and beacons of hope for American children

What makes the most positive impact on American children in classrooms across the country? Highly qualified teachers that can engage children on a personal, human level, model excellent academic and civic behavior, and engender hope in children who may otherwise feel lost, alone, and hopeless.

Preston Edwards, publisher of Teachers of Color, a nationwide magazine designed to provide essential information for young teachers as they make their way through their studies and the ranks to classrooms that desperately need them. Additionally, the magazine provides a way for schools to reach out to such teachers in training to discuss potential positions in classrooms across the country. The articles and features in this excellent publication are insightful and timely, and discuss the details of topics, issues, and potential solutions in education plaguing current school systems.

This week’s spotlight is the voice of author and expert music instructor, Joy Huff, who brings with her an amazing teaching tool, a book for teachers, called “Sounds of Color.” This amazing short manual shows teachers how to teach children about music and pitch through associations with colors that are already familiar. For more information visit the Skippack School of Music.

Find out more about the American Dream School model project mentioned in this week’s show at where you can also Find out more about Dr. Pittella’s illuminating book, How Deconstructing The American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream. and how to order a copy, on that site.