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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – THINK THEY WANT YOUR GUNS? THEY DO. AND YOUR WATER, TOO! More Fun From President Narcissist (don’t think he is? You may change your mind!)

Join Reid for some eye opening discussions–a prelude to future shows–on gun control. Listen to the words of the anti gun forces, including Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly the less warm and fuzzy Coalition to Ban Handguns)–folks “should not resist” if there is a round up by the government–government has the only proper “monopoly on force”, as long as the government certifies this unconstitutional action is constitutional. Really? And in Arizona, the Feds say to Tombstone, ranchers and water districts, “you cede us all your water rights, and we will give you access to your pipelines”–state law and 250 years of precedent be damned–we are the feds–you are merely the people, the states and the owners. And then we have our leader from whom all this fun flows–busily changing the biographies of other presidents in official historical records–inserting touts on each bio for himself. And just wait til you hear the comparative speech between he and another former resident of the oval office–there is no “we” or “them”…there is just “I”. Telling on many levels. “Hubris” is the proper term. A definitive term you will become acquainted with!