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Healthy Medicine Report – GMO Foods Harm More than Your Health

GMO puts more at risk than your health. Learn the realities of the far-ranging effects of genetically-modified food on the environment, on farmers in developing nations, on our nation’s food security, on the preservation of pure and natural family heirloom seeds, on the critical biodiversity of crops and on the plight of the hungry of the world. Does GMO really make a better crop with a bigger yield as its promoters say? Or does it contribute to poverty and dependence in the developing world and ultimately, threaten to the security of our nation’s food supply?

Join our host and guest, John Fagan, Ph.D. ( for an objective and clear look at this important topic for our health and for the future of safe food on our planet and on our plates. If you eat soy, corn, or anything pre-packaged, or you simply care about this planet, listen to this show for vital information you need to protect your health now and our future economic and national security.