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Barry Lycka MD

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Types Of Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Wellness Thru Our Lives – Dr Lycka & Dr Grant

There are different types of cosmetic surgery, and different plastic surgery procedures are appropriate for different stages in our lives. This week Dr Lycka brings to us Dr Robert Grant, a world authority in plastic surgery, board certified Plastic Surgeon, who has developed the concept of ‘life stage personal enhancement’. He explains how a life stage approach to beauty helps women and men to maintain their personal best. Dr Grant guides us through our 20’s through to our 50’s and beyond and highlights the key things we can do to maintain our skin health & wellness, and how different types of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures, when appropriate to our age, can help us get the ‘finishing touches’ we can’t achieve on our own. Excellent cosmetic surgery advice & information from these two renowned doctors!