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Love Works

Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Love Works – Technology in Relationships

Technology can be very helpful in communication but also can lead to problems in relationships.
• Have you ever had your text message misunderstood?
• Did the person you meet turn out to be nothing like the impression they gave through email?
• What happens if you hit ‘SEND’ too soon and now a comment or photo is posted for the world to see?
• Can web dating sites help me regarding the speed and making the best choice?

Join Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick of Love Works as they interview Hadley Finch, America’s Love Guide, and Founder of,, and Hadley shares her experience with the use and misuse of technology in relationships. This program provides examples and advice that will lead to better communication between you and those you care about and provides direction in finding your perfect match.