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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Tips for a Secure Retirement

There are a handful of items that characterize a secure retirement. A steady, predictable income, family and friends, good health, something interesting to do among others. This has been the same in the old retirement as it is in the new retirement. Yet, in the new retirement getting all of these things in place and keeping them intact is getting harder to do. One, is establishing a steady and predictable income., especially in this low interest environment. Jim Sloan a retirement expert and author of The Financially Informed Boomer explains two techniques he uses to get his clients a steady income while offering tips on how to avoid getting scammed in the search for yield. With your income established, it’s time to make new friends. A US Census study claims there will be nine times more people reaching age 100 by 2050. You will need to keep your friend-making skills sharp as you continually need to replace your old friends who you outlive with new ones to keep you engaged and active. Sunie Levin author of Make New Friends and Live Longer offers a number of tips and strategies to do just that.