Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – “The Animal” teaches about Nurturing Young Arms, Preparation and Baseball in Japan and Nicaragua

Guest Brad Lesley, The Animal,* pitched for the Reds-’82-’84, Brewers-’85 and Hankyu Braves- ’86-’87. Brad loves baseball. If fact, he totally believes he owes the game. His payback has been rich in numerous ways; teaching: proper pitching mechanics, the importance of preparation and hustle and lessons from playing in Japan and as a television personality in the land of the Rising Sun. Brad also shares insights about the warm, friendly, beautiful people of Nicaragua and the work he is part of with the International Baseball Association of Central America building a combined baseball complex and job skills learning center. *Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench coined Brad with the nickname, The Animal; a true compliment. As you tune in to hear why, you’ll also learn valuable baseball and life lessons including his work for the San Francisco Giants as a youth baseball pitching instructor.