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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Life Has Changed–The Change Isn’t Over–Keep Your Nose to the Wind For the Seven Tell Tale Events That Signal Acceleration of Bad News–and Be Prepared

Join Reid for the previously promised review of common sense protective measures you should take now for you and your family and an update on the ever faster unraveling of Europe–Greece being the canary in the coal mine along with Spain. And, don’t miss Reid’s discussion for the seven ominous warnings that might come your way through (sadly deficient) media, alternative information sources and your gut. Runaway inflation, additional fudging of government numbers (GDP and unemployment to name two that have been revised 6 out of the last nine reports–the revisions always significantly adverse). Keep your eyes open for an increase in bank failures,civil unrest (which may be orchestrated, and not spontaneous), disintegration of European Union, war, new spike in gas prices (don’t be lulled by the 20 cent drop over the last month!), China’s slowdown (that’s right–there are splutters in the worlds second largest economy) and more. And some thoughts on Reid’s new book, Land for Love and Money, releasing June 26. Might just be a help to your heart and your wallet, particularly in the swirl of current events!