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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – Gossip, Facebook and Twitter: What are you really connected to?

Infomania isn’t just a cancelled television show—it’s the definition of a real issue! Every second of every day you are being bombarded with information that seeks to seal your attention…and your free will! What is this information overload of “news,” gossip, and social media doing to you? To society? Once again, Sri and Kira are here to ask the tough questions; and provide the answers you’ve been searching for.

Does our near future involve Human RFID chips and brain-computer implants? Are we at the dawning of a new age of “techno-humans?” What are we willing to do for the sake of technology and faster communication? What would you be willing to do?

“What we put our attention on is what defines our whole world,” says Sri. With attention spans dropping more rapidly every year, what we choose to dedicate our time to becomes even more complex and important. “Human being; human doing,” comments Kira. “What are we connected to? And how is it affecting us?”

“We, at least in the Western World, are being trained to lose attention…to lose interest,” says Sri. From the jarring promotional spots on the radio to the commercials on TV—you’re being trained to think in shorter segments. Even the description you’re reading right NOW has been broken up into small “easy to read” paragraphs! Sri and Kira want to know: With everything getting shorter and shorter—how can anyone possibly commit to long-term goals?

In the words of Kira Raa: “How do you know what you’re connected to, how can you stay connected to it, and how can you take that gift and make your life even more amazing, more bountiful, more financially successful…not tomorrow: Today!”

Are you ready for the answers? Set your smart phone down for a minute and tune into this intriguing, controversial show. Despite the reported decreased attention spans—we can guarantee that you’ll be thinking about this episode for hours after you’ve listened to it!