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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Facial Feminization Surgery Gives Transgender Men A Feminine Face : Dr Lycka & Dr Spiegel

An interesting subject this week from Dr Lycka facial feminization surgery (FFS), explained by his guest, facial plastic surgeon, and acknowledged expert on facial feminization surgery, Dr Jeffrey Spiegel. As we increasingly understand, not everyone is comfortable being the sex they were born, and for those transgender men who yearn to be women, transforming their male face to a more feminine face has many challenges. Natural born women whose features are more masculine than feminine also need the same help. Dr Spiegel explains how he became interested in helping such people and how he has developed new surgical techniques and the artistic ability to apply them to achieve a more feminine and attractive look. A fascinating 30 minutes which truly illustrates how plastic surgery can transform the lives of people, so they feel confident and happy with their appearance for the first time in their lives.