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Relationships 101

Dr. Beth Erickson

Relationships 101 – Empowerment in the Dating Process, Medicine in Crisis

Dr. Beth ( first spoke with Charly Emery ( about women’s empowerment both in their work and in the relationship facets of their lives. She is the author of Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass, which is about using Mr. Wrongs to lead you to Mr. Right. As the title of her book indicates, she is a saucy, outspoken guest who knows her own style and mind. Then she talked with Dr. Diana Reed ( about the state of medicine in the U.S. Between insurance companies, managed care, and malpractice lawyers, docs are under siege and leaving the practice of medicine in droves. As a result, a national crisis is brewing. Dr. Reed wrote The Other End of the Stethoscope.