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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – Victory Over Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse hurts and it goes skin deep. Learn the 4 warning signs of verbal abuse and how to stop it as Sallie Felton interviews Patricia Evans.
Patricia Evans is a nationally acclaimed consultant who has written the first guide to identify verbal abuse and show step-by-step how a victim can get free and begin to heal with affirmations, techniques and advice on professional help. She is the founder of the Evans Interpersonal Communications Institute (EICI) whose work has been called “groundbreaking” by Newsweek magazine and is the author of four bestselling books that have helped millions of people live happier, healthier and abuse-free lives.
Listeners will learn:
1. The nature of verbal abuse
2. The impact of verbal abuse on the person targeted
3. What is wrong with abusers