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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Our Summertime Show

These are our ideas for summer! It’s heating up all over the US. We are encouraging our audience to have a slow summer. We begin with the idea from Slow Food, which came out of Italy and has spread around the US. The movement grew out of the fast food movement and the implications have been disastrous. We have seen the horrible affects this has had on the small farmers, the environment and our long-term health. We now live in a world where one in two minority children will develop diabetes because of the swelling obesity issue. Gastro is encouraging us all to slow down, shop better and to really be in the moment with our friends and family when we sit down to break bread.

Here are the top 5 gastro ideas for a wonderfully slow summer:
1. Eat fruit and vegetables only one day a week. You will be amazed how great you feel!
2. Buy organic, local sustainable produce. We want to support the local farmers and eat fresher produce.
3. Buy American as often as you can. With every purchase we make, we support our American way of life. Let’s support each other! Buy American artisan cheese, beer, wines, salumi, etc. Fly that flag, high and proud.
4. Craft cocktails are sweeping the US. There are great books out there like Steve Carrow’s Potation Handbook.
5. Let’s move even beyond having picnics which is great; let’s take it one step further and go camping, rent a cottage at the lake. Let’s turn off the electrical devices and plug back into our each other!

Our guest on the show is the esteemed Luciano Creminelli who is an artisan producer of Old World Style salumi! We became aware of the these gorgeous meats from our dear friend Herb Eckhouse from La Quercia.