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Stripped Down Kitchen

Geoff Johnson & Rocky Fino

Stripped Down Kitchen – Father’s Day Indulgence

Our day is here. Time to step away from the kitchen and allow her to cater to us for a day. But first, we best leave instructions as to exactly what we want. It’s a man’s day to indulge. Worry about moderation on Monday. On this day, we are starting with a stylish Caesar Salad, followed by a decadent surf ‘n turf of Roast Buffalo and Butter Poached Lobster with a side of Moroccan Chickpea Salad. We then will finish the day on the patio with a cigar and a nice Port.

None of this would be complete without an abundant selection of wine to pair with every course. Joining us in the kitchen is Elizabeth Franco from Natali Vineyards,, educating us guys on just the right varietals to wash down this feast. Not only good grape, but some other fruit wines to consider. Elizabeth brings great expertise and a rather sexy way of presenting it. This show is one to download and pass over to the Mrs. as a guideline to what we want for Father’s Day. Tune in…