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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – Fear, Forgiveness, Love and Gossip in Business with guest Shawne Duperon

What do Love, Fear, Forgiveness and Gossip have to do with boosting your bottom line in business?
More than you might think.
Join me in the café as we explore the role these concepts play in your business as you make decisions, build relationships, market and constantly take risks- all in a day’s work. Six-time Emmy award winning producer and media consultant, Shawne Duperon leads the conversation with her global insights on ways to put into action some of the very tools right at your fingertips to boost your business profits and make your biggest visions a reality. Among her many accomplishments, Shawne has been in the television business for over 20 years and has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders through powerful networking, social media and media interviewing skills. In addition, Shawne is currently a PhD candidate creating leading-edge research on the relationship between mass media and gossip (yes! Gossip!). In addition, she’s spearheading a movement on forgiveness called Project: Forgive that has gone viral without YouTube! And you can be sure we talked about that as well!