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DDS Exposé – “What You Can’t See Can Be Disastrous: Cracks Gone Wild”

Teeth can fracture or break for many reasons and most of us will not even know it or feel it. Chewing on ice, eating popcorn, or habits of clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth can cause fractures or microfractures.
According to, a microfracture is a “very early fracture lines in teeth due to biting or grinding forces (also called “craze lines”). These “micro-fractures” are not associated with symptoms of discomfort or sensitivity.” Some cracks are large, while some are barely visible to the naked eye. Bi-yearly exams can spot these fractures before further damage occurs. Repairing a broken tooth is important to maintaining its strength and longevity, as well as the integrity of the teeth around it.
Dr. Dewhurst suggests “using veneers or crowns to “armor” the damaged tooth.” He also suggests that wearing a mouthguard at night for teeth grinders and a mouthpiece for those who play sports will assist in preventing cracks or fractures of the tooth or teeth.
Join us as we talk to Dr. James Dewhurst, owner of Custom Dental of Perry and author of “What You Can’t See Can Be Disastrous. Cracks Gone Wild” as he equips us with insights on how to make sure we do not have these micro fractures and what the treatment options are if we do.