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Love Works

Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Love Works – Bridge the Language Barrier

People have a hard enough time understanding one another because we all think differently. It may be nearly impossible to make someone else understand our feelings and thoughts – especially when limited to words. Moreover, when we speak a different language and come from a different culture we also apply different meanings to the few words we share. This can lead to frustration or push us to a new vibrant frontier as we seek ways to understand others more fully.

Love Works, with special guest, Eli Bravo of, and known as the voice of the Discovery Channel for Latin American, discuss tips to bridge the language barrier. This episode focuses on how differences in language, culture, and traditions bring priceless benefits in relationships and friendships. These same tips can be used even if you speak the same language to more fully understand and appreciate those around you. You will learn:

• The importance of visiting your partner’s country and getting to know their family
• How watching movies and reading books can help build a stronger communication foundation
• Why creating a new identity together strengthens and supports your relationship
• And as a bonus, how a single event can change the direction your life in an instant

So join Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick as they welcome Eli Bravo and find your perfect match or rekindle the fire in your relationship! It’s time to Bridge the Language Barrier!